4 Things You Lose In A PEO

PEO’s allow many to keep their businesses open but there are those that don’t need to be in that environment. Here are 4 things you LOSE when you’re in a PEO.


Two things that allow you to control the impact on your revenue. MOD and dividends. With a low MOD, you’ll end up paying less than your competition by being valued as a low-risk. Couple that with a dividend program and now you’re being rewarded for maintaining a good loss history.

But in a PEO, that’s pocketed along with the second thing you lose…


In a PEO your expenses are higher than having a standalone WC and Payroll service in place. Not to mention the possibility of bundling your WC with the rest of your insurance program. Admin fees eat away at your bottomline and oftentimes it’s for a standard service that comes included with any other payroll company.

Advocate for claims

You will still have someone to call for claim submission but they won’t be an advocate. They won’t dig into what caused the claim in the first place. What could be put in place to avoid a similar incident in the future. The ongoing review of claims submitted and ensuring they are properly reported (60% of them aren’t). A PEO won’t do that.


Time being put on the back burner for a band-aid fix and not time invested in getting to the root of the problem. In applying the proper solutions to ensure the longevity of your insurance program and in turn, your business. A PEO is a short-term solution

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