About Us

Consultants. Professional. Trustworthy. 

That's who we are. 

Using our proprietary process, The Bunker Edge, to help you keep your business profitable and your employees safe is our mission.

Here is what you can expect when working with The Bunker:


  • We do not sell on price. Price is important in the absence of value. You've most likely started all your conversations regarding your insurance, here. Not with us.


  • We leverage technology. Customer experience is of high priority for us. We want you to love residing in The Bunker with the rest of us. Approaching insurance in a more modern way, helps us both do our part.


  • Ditch the "shopping around" mentality. Most independent insurance agents work with the same carriers. What matters is your representation to the carriers, and who is telling your story. If a company is being approached year after year being asked to quote your insurance by your agent that shotguns the market, that is hurting your businesses reputation more than you know. To work with us, we need a two year commitment (unless enormous market changes occur) so we can help you in preserving your business reputation.

If the above sounds like something you do not agree with, you are most likely NOT our ideal client, and that's okay! We wish you the best!

However, if you are a successful business owner that is ready to have your insurance program be managed by a proactive risk manager then you are exactly who we love to work with.

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