Benefits of Choosing Your Company’s Workers Compensation Doctor

Why should you, the employer, choose the doctor your employees see when it comes to workers’ comp claims?

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Workers comp claims can be a drain on time, energy, and your company’s bottomline. When an employee gets injured, resources are pulled in the form of admin, time off for the injured employee, overtime for others in the team to fill in for the injured one, and other costs that may not be obvious but still impact your profits.

Choosing the doctor your injured workers see helps triage, or sort, the injury from those that may be severe and require a more immediate attention to those that may be managed with that employee performing light duty around the office or in the field. This helps you keep your team running at optimal efficiency with minimal interruption.

Let me be clear. I’m not saying injured employees should be rushed to get checked and put back to work as soon as possible with no regard to their injury or recovery. My point is that doctors who specialize in workers comp cases recognize the varying degrees of injury and can best assess your employee. Doctors who know better than to prescribe painkillers blindly and further promote the ongoing opioid crisis. We’re talking efficiency without sacrificing wellness.

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