Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation: Protecting You and Your Company From Employee-related Injuries

At The Bunker we work tirelessly to provide a robust Workers Comp suite that extends past coverage. There are many misconceptions as to how Workers Compensation works from cost and the effect of a company’s performance to the indirect expenses related to most claims that total from 2-20x (yes, times!) the cost of the claim.

Our Approach

Experience Mod Review:

Your company’s Workers Comp premium is greatly influenced by its experience mod. If that number is misreported (as it is in 40% of cases) it can be costing you far more than what you should be paying. Included with the review is a case-by-case analysis of any claim you may have had in the past five years and how much they truly cost you and your company in time lost, training, light duty, and administrative work.

People Risk Management: 

In an effort to provide the best Workers Compensation experience in South Florida we go beyond the insurance aspect of it by:

  • Training Portal: We’ll set you up with your own portal to train your employees according to their duties to prevent inconsistencies and keep everyone on the same page
  • SHRM Professionals: Have an HR question that no one can answer? We’ll provide you access to SHRM(Society for Human Resource Management) Certified Professional to answer your questions day or night, 24/7.
  • Living Handbook: As your company grows and changes so does your employee handbook.

Audit Support: 

Audit time shouldn’t come as a surprise. It happens every year around the same time. Still it can be taxing getting everything together and providing the carriers with the requested documents. At The Bunker we’ll be there for your audits, sit in with the carrier, to ensure you have everything you need and so there aren’t any “surprises”.

Market Intelligence:

We go to bat for you. Insurance is more than just quoting. Let’s be honest, you can do that online. We have dedicated markets for a variety of industries to ensure that you are getting the fullest package when it comes to your Workers Compensation as well as  your liability policies.

We’ve developed strong relationships with our carrier partners in order to approach Workers Comp from a well thought out and studied angle. On our end we hold constant conversations with carriers to understand what best fits their appetite and who would benefit most from when it comes to narrative and dividends.

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