CPAs: Why We Want To Meet You

We’re living in a world where technology has made a lot of things easier. My coffee can be ready to go by a certain time every morning without me pressing a button. I can see family miles away through a phone with crystal clear clarity. And I have a watch that constantly reminds me how little I’ve moved throughout the day.

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But where technology has made things easier it has robbed certain parts of life where quality once existed. Face-to-face conversations trump ZOOM and Facetime all day and your skills, CPA, far exceed that of AI and the Intuits of the world.

Just like insurance has become the commoditized shuffling of paper, a lot of what you do has been reduced to empty user-friendly applications that don’t necessarily help a consumer PLAN or BUILD towards something. We’re looking for CPAs to join us in a strategic partnership where we help one another’s clients in doing more than provide some basic documentation.

We don’t sell policies. Policy placement is a consequence of the relationship we build with a client and understanding what they do and why with a goal of keeping their doors open.

You’re not a calculator or algorithm. You put thought into the best moves that will keep your client in business.

We’re both at a point in our respective industries where we work together or are taken by the growing tide of insuretech and fintech.

As a united front, we’ll be able to help the businesses in our community thrive and not just survive.

Let’s talk.

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