Cyber Liability Insurance Is No Longer An Option

Cyber liability insurance is a policy designed specifically for data breaches, malicious attacks, ransomware, and many other cybersecurity threats.

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Here are some examples of important coverages that your business will have when purchasing a Cyber Liability policy:

First-party coverages

  • Social Engineering coverage
  • Reputational harm caused to your business prior to the attack
  • Cyber business interruption Invoice manipulation
  • Theft of client funds
  • Ransomware
  • Bodily injury/property damage

Third party coverages

  • Regulatory defense and
  • fines PCI Fines and assessments
  • Contractual Liability

Some cyber liability insurance policies will also include services to help prevent cyberattacks, coverage for credit monitoring, and fraud prevention pre and post-incident.

Not all cyber liability policies are created equally, At The Bunker, we can help you navigate through your different options while moving your business from danger to a safe place!

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