If An Injured Worker Doesn’t Have Questions, Something’s Not Right

Your employee gets injured. In most cases, the norm is to step into claims management mode. But what about when the employee has no questions? There are two reasons that might be.

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It’s expected that most injured workers will have questions related to the work comp claim process, medical care options, benefits available to them, and the procedure for returning to work. A worker who seems overly familiar with the workers’ compensation process is not the norm and could be an initial red flag of a career claimant. In other words, we expect that most injured workers will have questions.

Or the issue could be greater. In an ideal world, employees should feel comfortable reporting any injuries, unsafe situations, or near-misses to their employer. But what if they’re scared? The employee might be scared of losing their income, their job, their livelihood by reporting the injury. Concerns over being fired have been associated with a four-week increase in the average duration of the disability. Regarding this, company culture is the first thing that needs to be corrected before claims management or benefits are offered.

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