Manufacturers: Why You’re An Ideal Cyber Target

Why are manufacturers such a large target for cyber threat actors? Let’s get into it.

As connectivity continues to grow, the potential impacts may become broader and more significant. Manufacturers have become popular targets for ransomware attacks because they cannot afford being shut down for extended periods of time.

One of the main things these cybercriminals are after is your Intellectual Property. They know that manufacturers hold valuable sensitive information, and they are looking to steal intelligence on any new product, process or technology that you’ve created.

Another reason why manufacturers are targets for cyber criminals is your supply chain. The supply chain as a whole is only truly secure when all entities throughout the supply chain carry out effective, coordinated security measures to ensure the integrity of supply chain data, the safety of goods, and the security of the global economy.

What can Manufacturers do to protect themselves?

The best place to start is returning to security fundamentals such as:

  • Restricting employee access to systems and siloing appropriately by role
  • Have a strong recovery plan to mitigate losses and test it often
  • Stay up to date with backups- this will minimize downtime in the event of a breach
  • Segregate duties for highly sensitive systems across multiple employees

Protecting your manufacturing operation involves more than just insuring your Product Liability exposure, your cyber risks also need to be mitigated and that’s why partnering with the right advisors can make a drastic difference in the success of your business. Schedule an appointment with me here!

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