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Specialist Insurance for Plumbers

You’re not just a tradesperson, You’re not just a skilled subcontractor. You’re a plumber. You’re a specialist. And you need specialist plumbing business insurance.

At The Bunker, we’ll arrange that specialist protection. It won’t cost you any more than a standard business insurance policy. But, as our name suggests, it will protect you from the risks you face.

What is Plumbers Insurance?

Plumbers insurance is a customized type of business insurance that includes both the essentials that all commercial activities need, plus additional options to protect against plumbing-related risks.

These essentials include:

  • Plumbers liability insurance. This is protection against claims made against you for damage or injuries you cause. It’s a type of legal insurance that protects you against costs of lawsuits and settlements or awards.
    For plumbers this includes protection against claims relating to work you did, after it’s completed.
  • Commercial property insurance, if you own or rent premises for your business. Coverage for owners includes both the structure and contents of the building against perils like fire, vandalism and theft. If you lease your property, you’re covered for loss or damage to the contents.
  • Business income protection. This insures against loss of income if your business is disrupted by certain incidents.
  • Workers compensation. It’s compulsory in Florida for firms with more than four employees and for self-employed people in the construction industry.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance for plumbers. This can cover your truck or van, or your personal auto if it’s used extensively for business. We can also insure hired and non-owned vehicles.

Additional insurance for plumbers:

  • Plumbers professional liability insurance. Coverage against negligence, mistakes and erroneous advice.
  • Plumbing equipment insurance. Your business depends on your equipment. If it’s lost or damaged, this type of policy can protect you and your employees. Inventory can also be covered.
  • Data breach insurance — protection against the theft of confidential customer or business information from your computer system.

Your plumbing business may have other risks you need to protect against. Don’t worry. We’ll discuss your particular needs when we get to know you. One thing you can sure of: you won’t get insurance you don’t need!

What About A Business Owners Policy (BOP) for Plumbers?

A business owners policy is a neat and lower-cost option that may be right for you.

It combines liability, property and business income insurance and can be a great foundation for your coverage needs. And because it’s a three-in-one, the premium is less than if you took out these policies separately.

Similarly, if you run your business from home and don’t have an office, you’re not fully protected by your homeowners insurance. In this case, and sometimes in other situations, a BOP can be the solution.

Is a BOP right for you? We’ll give you the answers you need.

How Much Does Plumbing Business Insurance Cost?

This depends on the size and type of your business and the levels of liability and other protections included.

For example, liability coverage of up to $1 million might cost from $30 a month upwards, while equipment insurance starts at around $15 per month.

At the bunker, we can often also secure discounts, for example if you agree to a higher deductible or if you have more than one policy with the same company.

As an independent agent, we work with most of the big insurers, which enables us to shop around for the best deal for you.

Why Should I Insure my Business At The Bunker?

We’ve built our business around safeguarding our clients against the many risks they face in today’s world, some of them unforeseen. We have both the experience and expertise to do this.

We focus on one-to-one customer relationships, applying the personal touch. We get to know you and stay with you, whatever your insurance needs. That includes helping you with claims.

We’re in the bunker with you and we’re ready to arrange your plumbing business insurance quickly, effectively and at competitive rates.

Get a quote for free and without obligation. Get in touch right now by calling us at 954-239-7346. We’ll do the rest.

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