Safety Culture: How to get your employees to care

So you finally implemented a safety culture in your company, but now the question is, “how do I get my employees to care?”

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You can motivate your employees to care about safety by tying it directly to their compensation or incentives. Reward employees who err on the side of safety. Make sure you understand the difference between reward and recognition. You don’t want employees to be doing something simply because they’re going to get something tangible in return. A strong safety culture with the appropriate recognition will inspire employees to look out for one another and call out any unsafe behaviors. With the right culture in place, everyone’s going to feel safety as part of their responsibility. And when they see that something is out of place, they’ll step into correcting it.

Again, your first step into promoting the right safety culture within your organization is to contact your risk manager at The Bunker. Once here, we’ll set you up with the roadmap and make sure that we move your business from danger to a safe place. Welcome to The Bunker, your shelter from risk.

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