Technology Insurance MSP

Technology Insurance (MSP): Your Insurance Firewall

Your company builds the infrastructure to protect their clients and their sensitive data. Measures are put in place in the case a malicious actor tries to get through and you pride yourself in threats blocked and viruses removed.

But what if something got through? What if you or your clients’ data was held ransom? Their machines shut down? An operational full-stop?

Not only can your reputation be damaged along with your relationship with the client but the repercussions of a cyber hostage situation can be devastating and hard to recover from.


Who needs Technology Insurance?

            Companies dedicated to the servicing, installation, and monitoring of others data services. Claims brought on by negligence and malpractice will fall under this coverage.

Who needs Cyber Insurance?

            Without trying to sound like alarmists, anyone and everyone who transacts business over internet channels including email. Should you be victim of a DDoS attack, hacking, social engineering etc. this coverage will step in to help bring you back to normal.

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