The Bunker Talk Ep #1 – Payroll Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask – With Michael Ross 

In our inaugural podcast episode, we delve into a critical aspect of business operations that often gets overlooked—payroll management. Our guest, Michael Ross from Heartland Payroll, sheds light on the impact of choosing the right partner for your payroll needs. 

Michael Ross brings a wealth of experience in payroll management to our discussion. As a seasoned professional from Heartland Payroll, he has valuable insights into the intricacies of handling payroll matters for businesses.

The episode focuses on the importance of understanding the impact of your choice in a payroll service provider. Michael emphasizes that merely being assigned a representative for a brief period isn’t the ideal approach to payroll management. 

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation with Michael Ross: 

  • Consistent Support: Business owners should avoid providers that assign a representative for a limited time. Michael stresses the importance of consistent and ongoing support for effective payroll handling. 
  • Vital Questions: Before choosing a payroll company, business owners should ask crucial questions. Michael shares insights into the specific inquiries that can make a significant difference on things like:  
  • Employee Retention Credit 
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit  
  • Integrating your Time and Attendance into Heartlands Payroll Platform 
  • How Hard is it To Switch Payroll Companies? 
  • What Makes Heartland Unique? 
  • How Heartland Can Help with Applicant Tracking 
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Watch the full episode here!

As we wrap up this enlightening discussion, it’s evident that payroll matters require careful consideration. Choosing a reliable partner, as emphasized by Michael Ross, can have a lasting impact on the smooth functioning of your business.

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