The Bunker Talk Ep. #5: Everyone Needs to Find Their Paddle 

In Episode 5 of The Bunker Talk our host, Ciara speaks with Romi Glazer from The Daily Drip, she discusses the origin of The Daily Drip, which emerged from an instant connection with Nicole Mastrangelo. The platform started as a way to support women professionals by addressing a gap in resources during networking events. The podcast highlights the transition from in-person to virtual events during COVID-19 and the decision to establish a media company and platform. 

The Daily Drip has grown to include 25 women experts covering various fields, emphasizing timely and relatable content for modern businesswomen. Romi and Nicole wanted to combat negative content and provide a positive and impactful resource for women. They also discuss the power of social media consumption and the need for healthy content. 

The conversation touches on the growth of The Daily Drip community, which now has over 2,000 engaged women in South Florida. The platform aims to be a supportive space for women considering career shifts or entrepreneurship, offering real stories and struggles from contributors. The hosts also talk about their thought leadership program, providing a platform for contributors to develop their thought leadership and give back to the community. 

The podcast explores the ideal candidate for The Daily Drip, emphasizing that it’s not just for business owners but for women at various stages in their lives, providing support, ideas, and positivity. Romi and Nicole emphasize the importance of a community that supports personal and business growth, focusing on mission and value rather than chasing uninterested parties.  

Romi has also became involved in supporting The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis, whose vision is to provide the most socially innovative solutions to the cystic fibrosis community to empower each individual and family to live their greatest life possible. They have annual event that involves paddling across the ocean on a paddleboard, covering a distance of 82.3 miles from the Bahamas to Lake Worth. The event was inspired by the therapeutic benefits of the ocean for individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF). CF is a genetic disorder that primarily affects the respiratory and digestive systems, causing difficulty in breathing due to thick, sticky mucus that clogs the airways. emphasized the mental and physical challenges of the Crossing. She highlighted the resilience and determination of CF Warriors and the inspiration drawn from their mindset. Romi shared her personal experience, including the physical and mental challenges faced during the Crossing, and how it influenced her perspective on overcoming challenges in other aspects of life. To hear more about this incredible organization that Romi is the champion, watch our full episode below!  

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